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Civil Rights:
Speaking on the steps of Parliament Buildings, Stormont Christopher Stalford, an A-Level student from Belfast said:  "The motion before our elected representatives today is a very simple one, they can choose to exclude the political representatives of the most brutal killing machine in Western Europe and take a stand for democracy, decency and justice'. "Or they can allow them to remain in the chamber with their stockpile of weaponry which they have refused point blank to decommission outside the door to "Go back to what they do best" "To do this would be a scandalous and unforgivable decision for numerous reasons'. "Firstly, during the course of this current "peace process" there has actually been, contrary to the image being portrayed by certain sections of the media and the 'Yes" camp spin-doctors, an escalation of IRA violence and human rights abuses against the people of this country." "With a massive number of 80 beatings occurring in the last 15 months, beatings which are often the most horrific imaginable with some people being hit around the head with baseball bats, or others having their hands nailed to planks of wood in crucifixion attacks, which can only be described as devilish and wicked in the extreme. ' "Secondly, there has been a huge increase in the number of shootings that have occurred with the figure standing now in excess of 60. ' 'This included the case of a 79-year old Roman Catholic man who was shot in both ankles and left by callous IRA thugs to bleed to death in his Falls Rd. flat." "The behaviour of these IRA/Sinn Fein thugs is completely unforgivable and the party of Martin McGuinness who are inextricably and undeniably linked with the IRA must be held to account for them. "
     "Aside from beatings and shootings there has also been a massive increase in the number of people being forced to leave their homes and in many cases they were families with young children." "Yet Martin McGuinness refuses time and time again to condemn these actions choosing rather to describe them as "regrettable" or 'unfortunate' and often we see IRA/Sinn Fein representatives attempting to avoid these issues when questioned by journalists about them."
    "These are not the actions of a peace loving and democratic party as Sinn Fein and the Minister of Education claim to be, but rather are the actions of those who would seek to defend physical terrorism against unarmed civilians and the weakest in our society, including schoolchildren. "
'A party like this and a politician like Martin McGuinness can have no contribution to make to democracy in our country and intact I would contend that they are a stumbling block in the path of truly democratic and peaceful politics ever coming to Northern Ireland. My message today to our representatives in the Chamber is very simple" "Don't be bought over by media ego massaging or promises of ministerial fame but stand with the real victims of terrorist violence and send out a clear and resolute message that crime doesn't pay and that terror will never succeed." "If you don't then your legacy to the children of Northern Ireland who we hear so much about in the media will be to allow Martin 'I'm proud to be a member of the IRA' McGuinness to remain in control of their future.  
The clear message is that we, the innocent Victims of terrorism, still suffer.Our agony and suffering is compounded by the presence of unrepentant terrorists and their supporters being placed in the Government of Northern Ireland.The Minister of Education, Martin McGuinness, is a former Cheif of Staff of the Provisional IRA which presided over the  murders of 1773 of our citizens in Northern Ireland and for which no apology has ever been forthcoming. This is not peace, justice or democracy - this is appeasement to terrorism, The Provisional IRA has murdered school teachers, school children, principals, students, school workers and school bus drivers, many of these innocent victims, murdered in the presence of young children and students, Millions of pounds have been wasted through damage to schools and universities by IRA bombs and many thousands of young people continue to have their education affected  through bomb scares, The crisis in education funding, today, is a direct result of a thirty year terrorist campaign by the Provisional IRA, This same organization continues to murder, maim and carry out their criminal activities whilst it remains fully armed and intact, Today, on behalf of the citizens of Northern Ireland, we call on the Prime Minister to take the necessary steps to remove Martin McGuinness from the Executive with immediate effect,                                                

    Our 3 - Key Messages to those
    who would Negotiate Our  Future
    The Victims still suffer - No terrorists in Government  because The Belfast Agreement has failed (in 3 crucial areas)


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    THEREFORE now there must be Re-Negotiation NOT Review

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